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    最新安卓版下载地址‘Ah, Monday.’ Lefarge pretended to correct his notes. ‘Monday evening, of course. M. Boirac was at home on Sunday night, but he did not unpack it till Monday. That’s right, I think?’


    The fourth man advanced and inspected it in his turn.
    Burnley saw he had produced his impression and leant forward and tapped him on the shoulder.
    Lefarge’s next visit was to be the H?tel Maximilian. It was a large modern building occupying a complete block of the Boulevard Waterloo, not far from the Porte Louise. A polite clerk came to the bureau window to attend to him.


    1.‘We then went to the salon, but, as several visitors had already arrived, I could not, at that time, get a private word with Annette.
    2.‘But that makes our problem no easier. The difficulty still lies in the finding of this other person.’
    3.The clothes in which the corpse was dressed suggested another line of attack. Inquiry at the leading Paris shops could hardly fail to produce information. And if not there were the rings and the diamond comb. These would surely lead to something.
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